Posted by: blablover5 | May 22, 2008

Can you build it?

Um, well we’re gonna try anyway.

My MOH and I are nuts. There is just no denying that fact. For her wedding we decided to make all her mints using almond bark and adding food dye. Bad idea. Turns out that makes the melted almond bark turn all chunky so we had to add tons of oil to fix it.

Then there was the time we were making hobbit costumes and she thought that to make the feet we should just get some spray insulation foam, spray that onto our shoes and then shape it. In then end our hands were covered in sticky goo we couldn’t get off and I had a big glob in my hair. (In the end we just stuffed and spray painted some toe socks)

Now we’ve decided to try and take on making my groom’s cake (or his groom’s cake, someones groom cake). My fiance has said that what he really wants is a Chicago style hot dog, what with him being from Chicago and loving food and all.

If you’ve never seen one they put everything short of mayo and sardines on these things. So we’ve sat down and tried to figure out all the stuff to make this hot dog work.

  • Hot dog – use red velvet cake and then try shaping with and covering with fondant
  • Bun – rice krispie treats (thank you Ace of Cakes)
  • Poppy seeds on the bun – chocolate chips
  • Onions – coconut (which I hate but he can’t eat onions anymore so it might go on the side)
  • Tomatoes – chop up some cherries
  • Pickle Relish – a fruit salad with kiwi, apples, melons, and some green syrupy thing
  • Cucumber – cookie that we frost to look green
  • Pickle spear – possibly a banana we dye green
  • Hot peppers – no idea, maybe no one can have them

As you can see from that long list we are in way over our heads. I’ve baked some (banana bread is the best I can pull out and we all know how well that goes over) and my MOH has a cake decorating kit but I fear we’re gonna be doing a lot of test bakes and eating a whole lot of cake.

Is anyone else plotting something equally insane for their wedding or are you smartly just trusting the professionals?


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