Posted by: blablover5 | May 22, 2008

Come on, come all

We’ve bitten another bullet and after some hemming and hawing we finally went and ordered our invitations.

After pimping around for lots of invitations catalogues including from Rexcraft, Ann’s Bridal Bargains, Seasons of Love by Dawn, The American Wedding, Now & Forever, and for some reason a Country Wedding one, we eventually settled on one that is on-line. So we’ve never seen it in person, held it, asked it how it feels about being mailed, seen it’s taste in movies or international cuisine. (I will add that you do get free samples from some of the places listed above if you do feel you should love your invitation before setting it free).

But the ol‘ fiance and I decided on the one above based upon, well it was sort of autumn like without being too sappy. It is really really hard to find non sappy invitations. Flipping through catalogues it’s easy to see how little guys generally have an input in invites considering how much pink and roses and hearts there are.

I think they should make a good ol fashioned beer and polka embossed wedding invitation. Think of how much fun could be had doing the chicken dance, and making your bridal party wear lederhosen.

Anywho, after getting a finalish count of how many people our parents are forcing us to invite we could finally order our invites.

Shouldn’t be too hard right, we already picked everything out after all? Oh how I wish I knew then what I don’t know now.

First you have to pick a font, and there are always a ton of options. Personally I thought that the webdings was a bit much, but it would put an interesting spin on things in the future if you calmly explain to people that you did in fact invite them but it wasn’t your fault they didn’t take the time to decipher it.

We just went with the easiest to read one that had a zed as there will be a prominent Z all over the place.

So we got a font, they words will look all pretty dressed up and everything. Then we realized, awe crap we have to come up with the words!

Here are some fun examples of all the damn options.

For any idea you need

As for us, we just eventually came down to

Yo, we’s gettin‘ hitched
And no one’s making us
So you best get your butts here
Or we’ll just elope to Vegas

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