Posted by: blablover5 | May 22, 2008

I admit it

I did have a second where I did in fact have a “Wedding industry moment.” It was during the loong day of dress shopping (so I blame some of it on the lack of nutrients in my system as well as the sight of so much satin and tulle on my psyche).

While wandering around a consignment shop (which is a wonderful place to go for cheaper wedding dresses if you are a size 10) and my Mom was looking for a dress while my MOH and I browsed the veils. I hadn’t put any thought into a veil beyond maybe I’ll borrow someone’s and have that out of the way, but then we found one that was just nice and simple. It wasn’t too long and had a ribbon around the edge.

This is actually it on eBay (if you have any need to check to make sure I’m not lying through my teeth).

As my friend was the only one with a pony tail she shoved it onto her head and actually wore it while we were wandering around the store (very entertaining I might add) and I just decided what the hell it was much cheaper than anything I’d seen at the salons, I’ll get it.

That was my first wedding splurge I guess, and now that I’ve stopped and thought about it I’ve realized just how much thought is supposed to go into choosing a veil.

Apparently it’s supposed to compliment or match your dress (though if you look at anything wedding wise it seems like everything is supposed to match the dress, which would make an interesting wedding if you showed up in jeans).

To make things even worse there are about 5000 different types of veils. Here’s just a quick list with explanations. There are a lot that are missing actually.

BLUSHER – is traditionally short, shoulder length or shorter and is worn over the bride’s face to hide her from the groom until after they are wed when it’s pushed back behind the head. It is usually combined with another layer sometimes a different length. Despite tradition, blushers of today can be any length as long as they cover the face. Blushers can be worn in formal or informal weddings.

ELBOW LENGTH – is usually worn with a gown without a train and is a little less formal.

FINGER-TIP LENGTH – is usually for formal and semi-formal weddings.

CHAPEL – is for a more formal wedding. A chapel veil falls to or near the floor.

CATHEDRAL – is for formal weddings. A cathedral veil extends on to the floor like a train and is usually worn with a dress with a train.

On top of all that, there’s colors, stuff on the edge, and some have crystals all over them. Why must every wedding decision have 200 different options? It’s like trying to get plain vanilla ice cream and they keep saying you can have it with everything from sprinkles to anchovies.

Never mind how you can just skip the whole veil idea and get yourself a flower, or hair pins, or a birdcage.

If you do decide to get a veil, it might be best to just close your eyes, spin around, and pick one at random.


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