Posted by: blablover5 | May 22, 2008

It’s shipping?!

So after a few different messages back and forth to our Invitations provider (e-proofs are a wonderful thing) I just got the e-mail that our invitations are shipping.

These would make some interesting invitations

Apparently according to the UPS stalker website they’ll be here tomorrow. I don’t know if I should be really excited, really freaked out, or really hungry (I’ve become a huge fan of a Blue Bunny Toffee Temptation ice cream). I still need to sit down and make our reception cards (as well as actually put in ink and offer our first born child to our reception site). Put that along with the cheap RSVP cards I already got and then weigh them.

If they don’t come in under the 42 cents mark I’ll have to set them up on a series of crash diets, have them lose all their self image and then pay the extra anyway. People just need to accept invitations regardless of their size.

It’s kinda scary, another step in reminding me that in less than 6 months I’ll have to be the center of attention. I’m doing my best to share the attention, but it doesn’t really seem to be taking. My best friend is making it really difficult what with her not willing to wear a veil and tiara, or even a giant bullseye.

Wish me and my guy luck as we attempt to put together the invitations, realize we can’t find a pen, then give up and go play some tennis.


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