Posted by: blablover5 | May 22, 2008

R-E-C-Y-C-L-E, Recycle

As any good child of the 90’s knows, we were all mercilessly taught the three R’s of that little green triangle. I think I may have gotten that speech more often than the “never eat your Halloween candy before an adult checks it” and “if you touch it, it’ll fall off.” What a wonderland childhood was.

Well as the new it color is green, I figured there is probably something I should do with all those bridal magazines and planners that I have somehow acquired since getting engaged. From people giving them to me as presents, somehow getting on a mailing list and getting one free, and a small gnome that gives them out each time you pass the tree I have a pile that threatens to fall in on itself and create a black hole.

My first thought was to go back to my old Girl Scout days (where we didn’t get to go camping, build fires, or learn how to build a hatchet) and make myself a magazine christmas tree. But halfway through of folding one up I realized that I am no longer allowed to play, I mean use, spray paint without adult supervision.

So I was quite excited and happy to find out that a friend of a friend had just gotten engaged and she’d love some planning info. I stopped stuffing the magazine pages into the walls for more insulation and loaded them all into a bag to give to my friend of a friend.

Hopefully she can find a good use for them (aside from looking at pictures of dresses that only a model could wear or afford, full coverage of “we could have gotten a house” weddings, and the one kinda helpful article in each one) as for me, I’m moving onto cutting up milk cartons and turning them into biospheres for some fish.

What all are you doing with all your planning stuff once you don’t need it anymore?


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