Posted by: blablover5 | June 5, 2008

A number 3, hold the cummerbund

Aside from the whole standing while peeing thing (really, who wouldn’t rather sit down?) guys generally have it easier. This is doubly so when it comes to wedding attire.

After some price checking as well as green comparing (how can green be either a lovely color or super ugly?) we finally decided on a store to rent our tuxes from. It seems just about any place will let you send in measurements for guys out of town so that wasn’t a big deal. But as we flipped through the big book o’ tuxedos we found that there were so many options we may as well go with them. Every place seemed to run about the same (over $100/ with four purchases get the grooms free and an ice cream cone).

So then we started filling out the dreaded sheet. First up the vest options (we never thought cummerbund as no one is in the glee club). There were a good handful of not only colors but different patterns and zig zags. Luckily my guy had already decided he wanted the nice emerald green and the groomsmen were getting clover. To go with the tux you then had to choose either a tie or a bow tie to match. I personally nixed the bow tie cause I say it only works if you have a black or white vest. Any colored bow ties make it look like you work at a casino.

The other big issue that we’d decided was the obvious suit cut thing (I know nada about guys clothes). We’d both decided there was no way we were going white (we’re a messy couple), so after that it was up to my guy. He wanted a large lapel so it looked more like a suit coat and just two buttons to show off the sexy vests (basically it’s the James Bond Tux).

After that we figured oh that has to be about it, but suddenly she asked about the shirt (color, fabric) as well as the shirt’s collar (some weird wing tip thing or it sits down). We were both so blindsided I think he got himself a purple shirt with dinosaurs on it. Then we had to pick out some shoes (which I really don’t understand, are we going bowling after the wedding?) as well as cuff links.

Going tux shopping has made me wonder if it’d be possible for us to change women’s dresses to have a more check list approach. Let’s see I’d like an empire waist, hold the beading, with a V neck and a 2 foot long train. No I wouldn’t like shoes or jewelry with that. Yeah, I’ll pull through to the next window.


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