Posted by: blablover5 | June 5, 2008

Boring wedding stuff

It’s been a very weddingy past 12 hours for us. Last night we met with our wedding coordinator who is a good friend and also recently got engaged. I ordered in some pizza and we spent most of the night talking about different things we’ve found for our weddings and how our various plans are going. It is an interesting experience as I’m planning for mid October and have about a year, she’s planning for early November and has 6 months.

We did eventually get down to business and decided who was sitting where and walking and what not. (I have managed to get out of the grand entrance by not having any ushers, hooray!) I’m guessing most people when they meet with their church “telling you where to go” people they don’t have some pizza and chat about wedding and other things, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I just view this whole thing as a sort of laid back get together and not a “Once in a lifetime, call now or you’ll miss it” event.

Then this morning we went and picked up some cake samples to try at home. We had three different fillings in the red category (raspberry, cherry, and strawberry) and two different frosting options (with boring white cake, we want chocolate buttercream so white goes well with black I think). Well the frosting tasted the exact same and the cherry was a dud. So it came down to rasp vs straw in a battle royale. In the end rasp pulled it out and KOed straw in the 9th round. I’ve also learned from all that tasting that I am not really a cake person, it was a lot of cake, and am glad we don’t have to do that again. (I thought that was supposed to be the best part of the whole planning experience *shrug*)

I suspect there will be a major sugar rush in about three minutes. . .

Otherwise the rest of the fun filled past 12 hours (where we weren’t sleeping) was spent enjoying each others company playing Lego Indiana Jones. That game rules!

If you’ve played the Lego Star Wars before this has so much more to it. Every character has its own special skills and you can pick up things like shovels/wrenchs/bazookas. Though 9 times out of 10 we just wound up blowing each other up.

I’d say that if you have to get a game to play together then get one of the Lego ones (Batman is gonna hit in October, I know my guy is more excited about that one, but I’ve always loved Raiders). There are a lot of puzzles to figure out, death really isn’t that big of a deal, and block young Harrison Ford is still sexy. It’s gotta be a lot more fun than Wii fit.

Oh a sad note, I am not cool enough for weddingbee, but then again I’m not really cool enough for the arctic. And now it’s time for that sugar rush, WHEEEEE!


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