Posted by: blablover5 | June 5, 2008

I swear we have money

Contrary to all those Oil of Olay commercials it really sucks when you look young. When I was 20 I looked like a teenager and people would watch me like a hawk if I went shopping anywhere without a gaggle of friends around me. Apparently I just scream shoplifter. (I am screwed too, as my mother can fool people into thinking she’s just 20 if she’s wearing sunglasses.)

Now that I’m almost 25 I can pull off college aged on a good day, but that means doing any wedding shopping is a pain in the ass as all those wonderful sales clerks on commission assume I have no money. I knew it’d be bad so I specifically took my mother with me when we went dress shopping so they wouldn’t give us the shaft.

Well today I thought, hey before we head off to a family reunion (I really don’t want to go) lets try and get some information on tuxes. A while ago my fiance decided that he wanted to wear a tux, and because his side would all be from Chicago we’d need to make sure we can send in the measurements or that they’d have a store there or something.

Plus he wants to wear green vests, and frankly all the ones I’ve seen looked like crap in pictures and we wanted to see them in real life.

So around noonish today we wandered into Men’s Warehouse where we were greeted with a sign telling us to sign something if we wanted anything to do with a tux. Randomly a man came out and told us that all the tux guys were busy but it would just be 5 minutes so please fill out a super lengthy information sheet so we can stalk you later (I can see why they are affiliated with David’s Bridal).

Well we didn’t fall for that crap, we weren’t going to buy anything that day and just had a few questions. It’d take a minute or two, tops. As we weren’t in a big hurry we figured we’d sit down and wait.

Cue the hordes of masses coming and going to pick up tuxes, get fitted for tuxes, and plan their tuxes for weddings. Meanwhile we were completely ignored. After about the third round of this we got fed up and just left.

We stopped to get some paper towels (they have information on them like how to clean out a coffee pot, quite strange really) and heading back caught a smaller shop and stopped in. The women were quite nice, showed us where all their stores were located, gave us some price information, and also showed us the green vest options.

Thanks to my “wonderful” youthful looks I have been able to discern better who is actually nice and helpful and who is just in it for the paycheck. It’s a crappy way to live, but I refuse to shop anywhere that treats me like crap just based on my looks.


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